Anxiety and Stress

Man stressed and anxious at work

Anxiety and Stress Profiles

Anxiety and stress is the low hanging fruit in our clinic. Although not all presentations are the same, anxiety and stress are typically produced by overactive beta brainwaves, which are fast frequencies that are produced on the bark of the brain — the cortex. Beta brainwaves are typical of normal active waking consciousness, yet when they are excessive it indicates hyperactive thought patterns.  Beta brainwaves appear in the EEG raw data looking like this:

The location of the excessive beta brainwaves will help us to understand the nature of the stress, whether it be the persistent feeling that something’s not right; constant nagging thoughts of negativity, worry, fear, and dread; or feelings of restlessness, unwarranted reactivity, and defensiveness.

Occipital beta, in the back of the head, is often paired with general feeling of unease.


eeg spindling beta in frontal electrode channels



Often hyper-coherence goes along with anxiety. Coherence reveals the stability of phase relationships between different brain regions. Hyper-coherence indicates that different regions are consistently in phase. This means that the cortex is overly synchronized, locked in a rhythm which is excessively rigid.

brain map showing high occipital beta




Frontal Beta is correlated with excessive thinking, repetitive thoughts and over analysis.




Anxiety and Stress treatment at Neurofield Neurotherapy, Inc.

Anxiety and Stress Treament

Anxiety often presents with other conditions, such as depression, PTSD, and other neuroses. There are many reasons why symptoms pair up, and part of our work in QEEG brain mapping and subcortical analyses is to determine where, why and how the various pathologies emerge.

After comprehensive diagnosis, a treatment plan is formed, which typically involves diverting power away from the fast brainwaves, and enhancing the deep sleep frequencies. Through neurostimulation and neurofeedback these patterns become learned in the brain, causing a fundamental shift in the baseline operating state.