Autism, Asperger's and Developmental Delays

Autism, Asperger's and developmental delays treatment at Neurofield Neurotherapy, Inc.

Autism, Asperger's and Developmental Delays Treatment

There are many reasons why autism spectrum disorders and various developmental delays emerge.

Neurotherapy and neurofeedback are well suited for children. Not only are the computer games appealing to children, they also have an extra dimension of neural plasticity that many adults do not have. Kids’ great capacity to absorb information and language makes them quick to train. Believe it: you can train a child who can’t listen. You can train children who cannot sit still. The combination of sophisticated brain technology and well-proven learning techniques can lead to dramatic results.

Experts at NeuroField Neurotherapy

With a background in teaching social-emotional learning skills to first graders and kindergarteners in Santa Barbara County Schools, Tiff’s therapeutic regimen, combined with neurotherapy and puppetry is effective, as well as entertaining. Her work with young children emphasizes social and emotional skills, such as listening, paying attention, remembering directions, and controlling behavior. Her methods enforce self-regulation, as well as executive-functioning skills that help children manage their feelings, make friends, and solve problems.

We deal with all kinds of conditions at our clinic. However, no one individual is the same, which is why a thorough assessment of what your condition is, is crucial to your success. We perform an intake procedure, including a QEEG, to all of our clients to ensure that they are receiving personalized treatment.


Autism, Asperger's and Developmental Delays at Neurofield Neurotherapy, Inc.