Dr. Nicholas Dogris; PhD, QEEG-D, BCN at NeuroField Neurotherapy, Inc.

Dr. Nicholas Dogris, PhD, BCN, QEEGD

Dr. Dogris is the CEO and Co-founder of NeuroField, Inc., a company that develops specialized neurostimulation and neurofeedback modalities designed to restore functionality to the brain. He is a licensed psychologist in the state of California and specializes in Health Psychology, wellness and mind body physiology. He is an expert in QEEG brain mapping and is a board certified QEEG Diplomate. He is also board certified in neurofeedback through the Biofeedback Certification International Alliance (BCIA). Over the last 25 years Dr. Dogris has innovated many neurofeedback interventions and invented the NeuroField neurostimulation/neuromodulation system in 2007. In clinic, he continues to innovate and create new ways to bring balance to the brain in the effort to improve the functionality of the person.

Dr. Dogris engages in multiple forms of psychotherapy including EMDR, cognitive behavioral and psychodynamic therapeutic modalities. He has over 15 years of experience working for the Inyo and Mono County Superior Court system conducting child custody, sentencing and competency evaluations. Dr. Dogris is traditionally trained and is able to conduct psychological evaluations including IQ and Personality testing.

When not engaging in clinical practice Dr. Dogris enjoys playing music and is versed in multiple instruments including bouzouki, guitar and drums. He enjoys writing and recording music in his studio and performing with his band.

Dr. Dogris and Dr. Thompson travel the world teaching clinicians the NeuroField neurotherapy system, often holding bootcamps and Advanced trainings in their Santa Barbara office.

Brent Kee at Neurofield Neurotherapy, Inc in Santa Barbara, CA

Brent Kee

Brent's passion to serve and help others seek their balance is apparent in his every touch. Being professionally trained at one of the top ten spas in the country, The Grove Park Inn, has thought him some of the highest standards of excellence within the profession. After which he started his private practice, allowing him to expand his skills to work in conjunction with physical therapists to assist those in recovering from surgeries and major injuries. The quality of his treatments are world class, starting with his professional and respectful table-side manner, he is attentive to every detail. His hands are intuitively guided to where energy is stuck in the body. His ability to work out tight sore muscles is done with firm grace. Incorporating warm steamed towels, quality essential oils, sound healing and luxury sheets, all to help you melt into a state of complete surrender and relaxation.

For Booking contact his mobile phone at:
(843) 696 - 3726

Alexandra Montes De Oca

Alexandra attended  Westmont College, where she was an Honor's student in Behavioral Neuroscience.  She is a current second year at Santa Barbara City College where she is a part of the Honors Program and is the Co-President of the NeuroClub on campus.  Alexandra is a trained Lab Technician at NeuroField Neurotherapy and has been a part of this team since the summer of 2018.  Alexandra has a wide range of interests and passions in the realm of medicine and psychology. She has a strong interest in modern technology, as well as neuroscience research, geriatrics, consciousness, and neurogenesis.

Dr. Tiff Thompson; PhD, MFT, QEEG-D, REEG-T, BCN at NeuroField Neurotherapy, Inc.

Dr. Tiff Thompson, PhD, MFT, QEEGD, REEGT, BCN

Dr. Thompson is a board certified neurotherapist, licensed psychotherapist, and neurofeedback professional. Dr. Dogris and Thompson are Santa Barbara’s only Quantitative EEG Diplomates (QEEG-D) from the QEEG Certification Board (meaning that their processing and interpretations of brain maps are valid and certified). Dr. Thompson is a Registered EEG Technician, a medical credential bestowed by the American Society of Neurodiagnostic Technicians. She has worked in neurology clinics, as well as clinical settings. She holds two Masters degrees, one in Depth Counseling Psychology and another in Communication from Pacifica Graduate Institute and the University of Maryland, respectively. She has a PhD in Psychology; her dissertation was on the intersection of psychodynamic psychology model of the psyche and electroencephalography (EEG).

Dr. Thompson has served as the Executive Director of the Western Association of Biofeedback and Neuroscience, and worked as a neurodiagnostician in neurology clinics. Dr. Thompson regularly delivers public and trade organization lectures on Brain Mapping (Quantitative EEGs), Clinical Quantitative EEGs, Brainwaves 101, neurotherapy, and induced meditative states at various organizations, such as the International Society of Neurotherapy Research, California Association of Marriage and Family Therapists, and The Biofeedback Society of California conferences. Variations on the theme have been presented at Pacifica Graduate Institute and to the lay public of Santa Barbara in public lectures.

See her 2014 article on Brainwaves 101 for the magazine: The Therapist

When she’s not in the lab, Dr. Thompson teaches evening yoga classes. She instructs at a handful of Santa Barbara yoga studios and is known for the cardio-vascular and spiritual combination that is her hallmark style.

Dr. Thompson’s central aim with all clients is to help them evolve. Neurofield Neurotherapy develops and delivers cutting edge neurotherapy techniques into mainstream Santa Barbara, by bringing her skills in Brain Mapping (Quantitative EEG), Brain Training (using neurofeedback, biofeedback, and neurotherapy protocols), and brain-oriented psychotherapy to locals and visitors so that Neurofield Neurotherapy may serve as a source of healing for all individuals in need.

Tiff Thompson is listed at

Terrin Calvin; Administrative Assistant at NeuroField Neurotherapy, Inc.

Terrin Calvin

Terrin Calvin is a Certified Medical Assistant and Administrative Assistant who has been working in the medical field for 11 years. She has equal amount of training in back office procedures, as well as clerical front office skills. She has years of experience in general medicine, internal medicine, and fast paced clinic work. Terrin handles all general billing, insurance, and scheduling as well. She is also a Neurotherapy Technician who has been learning and training under Dr. Dogris for the past two years. 

Katie McDowell

Katie McDowell is a technician at NeuroField neurotherapy and coordinator of the school of neurotherapy. She graduated with honors from UC Santa Barbara and received a B.Sc. in Biopsychology. She worked as a research assistant for the Child Development Lab in the Psychology and Brain Sciences Department and as a research assistant in the Gevirtz Graduate School of Education. She served as an undergraduate teaching assistant in the biology department and currently works with the bio-medical professors at Santa Barbara City College. Katie believes that education and health are highly integrated and is excited to blend her two passions with her role as coordinator with the School of Neurotherapy. 

Alex Van Valen; Technician at NeuroField Neurotherapy, Inc in Santa Barbara, CA

Alex Van Valen

Alex Van Valen (Technician) is from Arroyo Grande, CA and moved to Santa Barbara to attend Westmont College. He received a B.A. in Psychology with his lab focus on Neuroscience and a minor in Philosophy with his course focus on Ethics. He attended a semester long study abroad program themed around conflict and peacemaking with extended stays in London, U.K., Berlin, Germany, and Rostrevor, Northern Ireland. He was awarded membership to both Psi Chi, the national honor society in Psychology, for which he also served a semester as chapter Vice President, and Phi Sigma Tau, the national honor society in Philosophy. Throughout college, he was a member of 3 different choral groups. While not working at Neurofield Neurotherapy’s Santa Barbara clinic, Alex spends his time playing guitar and singing with his band, writing poetry and short stories, hiking, and engaging in philosophical discourse. He plans to continue his education in Psychology or Philosophy.

Luke Buchanan; Research Assistant & EEG Technician at NeuroField Neurotherapy, Inc.

Luke Buchanan

Graduating from UCSB in 2017 with his B.Sc. in Biopsychology, research has always been Luke's focus. His experience includes: helping run participants through an fMRI scanner, troubleshooting experimental design, administering surveys and more. He is still involved as a volunteer in the Mind Emotion Thought Awareness (META) experimental psychology laboratory at UCSB; he is helping beta test a brand new goosebumps sensor, and quantifying stories of awe inspiring experiences.

Luke is adept in biofeedback modalities of neurofeedback, neurostimulation, hemoencephalography (HEG), and heart rate variability (HRV).

As the NeuroField research assistant, in the fall of 2017, Luke has collaborated on two studies with Dr. Tiff and Dr. Dogris. One study, inspired by Dr. Thompson's observations, is hypothesized to describe the signature of grief in EEG. Another study, inspired by Dr. Dogris, is designed to quell anxiety and excess fast brainwaves, by applying the stimulation of a slow wave.