Initial Consultation at NeuroField Neurotherapy, Inc.


We charge $50 for our initial 30-minute consultations. This is not an intake process, but a means for the client and clinician to meet and determine if neurotherapy is the appropriate course of action for the presenting problem. During this initial meeting, we explain the nature of neurotherapy, the modalities used (i.e. neurostimulation and neurofeedback), and answer any questions the client may have. We take this time with clients initially, because many people who are interested in neurofeedback do not understand what it is or what it does.

To book an initial consult with either Dr. Dogris or Dr. Thompson, please contact our office at 805-453-6190 or via email at admin@neurofield.com and we will find a time that’s suitable.

Quantitative Electroencephalogram (QEEG) and Report - $750

Quantitative EEG, or “brain mapping” is a way of assessing the operation and functionality of the client's brain with the comparison of normative and clinical databases, and the processing of 20 minutes of brainwaves (EEG) recording. EEG is the measurement, using digital technology, of electrical patterns at the surface of the scalp which primarily reflect brainwave activity on the cortex (the “ bark” of the brain). Neurotherapists use this knowledge to adjust cerebral function towards ideals with operant conditioning, counseling, and neuromodulation. Brain mapping is analyzing the electrical activity or "brainwaves."

This process involves two office visits (one for EEG acquisition and a follow up review), as well as a highly customized report, reflecting the state of the art assessment and analysis software at Neurofield, written by either Dr. Dogris or Dr. Thompson. We do not buy “canned” reports generated by software programs, but rather pride ourselves on composing individualized reports accessible to the lay person and client.


Quantitative Electroencephalogram (QEEG) and Report at NeuroField Neurotherapy, Inc.
Insurance Coverage at NeuroField Neurotherapy, Inc.


Each insurance policy is different. We are happy to check into your policy to see if it will cover neurotherapy. We are not a Medicaid/Medicare provider. To see if we can accept your policy, please have your insurance card and license ready and call our office at 760-872-9153, or send an email to admin@neurofieldneurotherapy.com.

Single Sessions - $150

One session costs $150 and lasts for the duration of one hour — however occasionally they are shorter, depending on the demands of the brain and body. We offer sliding scale fees to some individuals who are in economic hardship.

We recommend that you attend a minimum of 10 sessions to have an opportunity toexperience progress toward your goals. Neurofeedback is less like medication and more like a training regimen in noticing effects. Although most people see improvement within 1-5 sessions, some are late responders. It is reasonable to expect a 50% improvement and usually more to your most troubling problems with a full course of sessions.

Progress is best when we see you on or around the same day at the same time each week. This is easiest if you establish a regular appointment schedule. Our 4:00pm time slots are the most popular, since school schedules allow for late afternoon availability. If you need a late afternoon appointment, we recommend that you book you appointments as early in advance as possible.

Please be prepared to pay for services at the time services are rendered. For your convenience, we accept cash, personal check, MasterCard, Visa, Discover Card and American Express.

Single Neurofeedback Sessions at NeuroField Neurotherapy, Inc.
Intensives at NeuroField Neurofeedback, Inc.

Intensives - $3750 for 25 sessions

Our 25-session intensives cost $3750. This includes 25 sessions (1-2 sessions per day) and a complimentary QEEG report (discount of $750). This training modality is appropriate for out of town clients and those suffering from moderate to severe pathologies.

Based upon the initial assessment, intake and EEG / QEEG, we will often recommend the best treatment schedule for the client and symptomology at hand.

This training package generally lasts 1-3 months, consisting of tri-weekly or daily treatments for the first few weeks, and titrating back to 2x weekly and the 1x weekly sessions. The intensive includes the price for all reports and brain maps, which occur regularly throughout the course of training.

Included in the price are:
  • The cost of the initial brainmap and report (value of $750)
  • All subsequent brainmaps are included within the cost (value of $750/ea.)
  • 25 training sessions (value of $3750) 
This package also allows the client unlimited consultations throughout the course of treatment. This is the most economical of all training packages, as well as the most effective. If finances are the client’s ultimate barrier to treatment, scholarships and subsidized treatment options are available. For more information, send your questions to admin@neurofieldneurotherapy.com

Why is the intensive model the best?

Consider the analogy of going to the gym. Your brain on daily neurotherapy is akin to your body on daily gym routine. The results you see come quickly, they are noticeable, and desired changes happen rapidly. An intensive training regimen will typically manifest improvements within the individual that are noticeable within the first few sessions. Progress is a steady build throughout the course of training and, near the end of treatment, results begin to plateau. This plateauing marks the final phase of neurotherapy, called the “cementing” phase and is necessary for changes to become more or less permanent.

Once we have a few sessions of neurostimulation (similar to a cardio vascular workout in its immediate effects), we begin adding in neurofeedback. Neurofeedback is the strength training that conditions the brain. The combination of neurostimulation and neuromodulation is a complete training regimen that speeds up the progress and the duration of treatment.
Intensives Neurofeedback Chart at NeuroField Neurotherapy, Inc.