Meditation Enhancement

Woman laying down, meditation enhancement  for peak performance at neurofield neurotherapy, Inc.

Meditation Enhancement

There are a variety of meditative profiles. The process of meditation is unique to the meditator. Some of the more common profiles are 1) increased alpha amplitudes and coherence, 2) decreased alpha frequencies, 3) increased alpha and theta amplitudes, 4) increased gamma amplitude, and 5) increased gamma synchrony (coherence).


Our process of sharpening meditative capabilities begins with a meditative profile. Once we discern what kind of meditator you are, we can then begin to train out the noise in the EEG and amplify the pattern that creates the meditative experience.


No one individual is the same, which is why a thorough assessment of your brain, is crucial to your success. We perform an intake procedure, including a QEEG, to all of our clients to ensure that they are receiving personalized treatment. This allows us to determine what your meditative profile is, so that it can be amplified through neurofeedback, neurostimulation and photobiomodulation. 

The field of meditation enhancement is exciting and we’ve been privileged to work with gurus, yogis, and individuals renowned for their meditative prowess.

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