Sleep Disorders and Insomnia

sleep disorder and insomnia treatment at Neurofield Neurotherapy, Inc.

The Neurological Cause of Sleep Disorders and Insomnia

Sleep disorders are usually characterized by a deficiency in slow brainwaves (such as delta and theta). These slow brainwaves are responsible for putting you to sleep and keeping you asleep. Often there is an excessive fast brainwave profile (such as excessive high beta). This signals a system that is on overdrive, unable to calm and relax, due to various reasons. An inability to fall asleep or stay asleep is a problem that compiles and compounds over time.


Because the brain synthesizes neuronal proteins and produces rejuvenating neurochemicals and neurotransmitters in sleep state, those who go without sleep begin to experience memory problems, relationship problems, work problems, difficulty with concentration and attention, and mood difficulties. 

Treatment for Insomnia at NeuroField

We have very good success with our insomnia clientele. Unlike other treatment modalities, we have the ability to deliver the deficient frequencies directly to the organ in need of them. This leads to deeper, longer, restful sleeps which, over a course of treatment, become permanent ways of operating in the night.

We deal with all kinds of conditions at our clinic. However, no one individual is the same, which is why a thorough assessment of what your condition is, is crucial to your success. We perform an intake procedure, including a QEEG, to all of our clients to ensure that they are receiving personalized treatment.


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